Alright I've decided to put time into my idea that I had in my last post ("New Plug idea - tell me what you think"). What I need is a Pilot File that contains: Aftermath of the Igazra Missions, Adzgari Missions, Zidigar Missions, Zachit Missions (when you get the Miranu Gunship), Huron Missions, UE/Emaghla Vionian Border missions, Just about all the missions of the game. The reason for this is I'm incredibly lazy, and it's apart of the idea, start from scratch where the missions left off, and then finish what was started. If anyone can do this they'll get a dude resource and a spot in the credits, first person to reply gets it.

Another thing, don't expect new ships, as much as I'd want to... I can't, unless someone gives me a free graphics guy that can emulate Matt Burch's style (good luck on finding one). It will be like Beyond the Crescent, great missions, no new graphics.



Your asking for a pilot that's completed the Igadzra, Azgari, and Zidgar missions?!? is hat possible?

I think i can but i'm not sure how to complete all three with one. If thats not what you want, "itemize"

'Ace Battlepilot

Just give me a Miranu Gunship, give me orders and watch me kill those F'in B_st_rds!!!

I'm sorry I meant separate files. BTW my e-mail is


Cow wrote:
**I'm sorry I meant separate files. BTW my e-mail is

There's a quick way around this: Find the missions you want your pilot to have completed and identify the mission bits that will have been set/unset in ResEdit (as ever). Write a quick mission set that sets/unsets these bits and (optionally) gives your beginning character enough money and status to mimic the real thing: hey Presto! instant pilot file. A bit rough-and-ready I'll admit, but it's quick...

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