May as well tell about GWII

There are 40 default and 50 to 60 (depending on plug) visbit systems.
There are 4 plugs: Join the Aliens, Join UE, Join the Voinians and Join the Renegades
Graphics 95% done.
Systems 30% in.
Outfits, ships, and their desc 50% done
It will probably be out this summer to include some extra StarCraft levels with it. That is, you play the plug-in and it will tell you to load a certain level that I have created. They certainly wont be required but will add more fun to the all together plot.

Some of the completed ship/outfit graphics include the following:
The UE got together with the Councils (plot will explain :)) and in return for a favor got new technology. The aliens are high shield ships, so UE Strand stuff is specialized to fight them...

UE Warship: Strand Warship with SAA modules (even better against shields), White beam (pure energy phaser cannon/turret) and 4 UE Crescent fighters
UE Arada: Arada with SAA modules and white cannons
UE Crescent Fighter: Small amount of white beams and SAAs

Interceptor, Fighter, Cruiser (3 Fighters), Dreadnought (3 fighters, 2 interceptors), Supply Ship, Freightor (2 interceptors)
Their weapons include: Fission Beam (unlimited turreted beam), Fusion Beam (Highly powerful, requires 'Fusion Fuel'), Seeker Drones and a Reverse (repelling) beam

Voinians have captured an Alien ship yard, Alien ships are organic, so the Voinians add a 'skin' to their ships, turning them slightly blue. New outfits and ships are included

Renegades, discovered a planet with crashed Confederate ships, (some made after the war), now they have access to old Confed ships and outfits

Other 'modification' outfits will be made for the different governments as well as some more outfits and possibly one or two more ships.
The Emalgha also have two new wooden ships, the Heavy Fighter and Carrier
All mentioned ships and such have graphics from them already

Questions, comments?

Sounds pretty cool, need any beta testing?

Sounds great 🙂

I love the StarCraft idea, now why didn't I think of that 🙂


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Frandall yea, I will want as much beta testing as possible. When I was with Aeon thats one of the things I wanted from them the most, unfortunatly no one in Aeon (apparently) likes to beta test. OR its a just a matter of poor organizational skills.

Aeon, you have 50 members. Why in the HELL don't you get organized?

I can understand where they are coming from. At ATMOS we have enough trouble trying to coordinate 8 people. If we were fifty strong I think we would spend more time beating each other up then actually even thinking abotu doing any work. But if you need beta testers, email me. I'm always ready to look around anybody's plug and send as many bugs back that I can find.

Say, who is the head of ATMOS anyways?
Any idea when pipeline will finish that misn editor, I am waiting to use it for my plug 🙂

Schmelta V and ResEdit is getting tiresome...

Rimmer reporting for beta testing duty.

(I had a really cool animation of Rimmer(heh. that's me!) doing his salute, but you know how things are.)


Ace smeg-head Rimmer.

mikee J wrote:
Say, who is the head of ATMOS anyways?


Andrew M wrote:
** <font size="1" face="Geneva, Verdana, Arial" color="808BAD">mikee J wrote:
Say, who is the head of ATMOS anyways? </font>


I'm not so sure I would agree with that. But for the moment I seem to be running with the ball on NOVA while pipeline is in charge of Mission Editor. BTW He just got some more work in RL, so he has about 6 fewer hours a day to get stuff done. It might take him a bit longer than he originally planned. Trust me though he is working on it. Hell, I'm doing NOVA missions now (I've done about fifty or so in the last week), so any time he gets the mission editor out I want it too.

As for who is actually in charge of ATMOS? -scratches head- We are actually a company with 8 people who have equal shares (although that makes it difficult sometimes).

To MikeeJ:

I like the GWII plug. It sounds very interesting! Though there are a few plot problems:
-The biggest thing: The EV and EVO universes are different. Different planets, etc. This means, in the EVO universe, there were no Confeds or "Aliens". You could explain this by saying something like: "The confeds/rebels were really a group of humans that were catipulted very far out by _______ (wormhole, hyper mishap, whatever you want). This results in a whole "galaxy" next door to the EVO one. The EVO governments have stumbled on whats left after the Confed/rebel war. Most of the galaxy was destroyed, due to extremely powerful weapons developed by one side and stolen by the other. The voinians stumble the "Aliens"'s home system (whose troops only stumbled on the EV humans), while the rnegades stumble on the remnants of the confed, and steal the tech, including the hyper-powerful weapon that wipedout most humans.
The Voinians and Aliens ally, but the Voinians (with the help of their new "blue skin" tech) betray the Aliens and absorb them.
(You can use that if you want, or you can ignore it. I don't mind. Just trying to help out.)

-Don't make the UE so powerful that they can crush everything in the galaxy (or at least the cresent) with ease. It makes things VERY boring to be invulnerable.

Good Luck,


To each his own,

Mikee J,

You have a great plug on your hands. I can test for you. But if you would rather that I not... Ok. Good Luck


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Oh, its all explained well U-99.

As you know, interference stops ships from entering new systems. Well, the Alien's "doorway" systems are located somewhere with alot of interference.

The Aliens and the Voinians don't get along well either. So, one would suspect that the Emalgha would be against the Aliens right? Not quite, but worry not, it will ALL make sense 😉

Just because two people have a common enemy, doesn't make them allies. Such as with Starcraft...

BTW: I have selected the protoss to be the Aliens.

Zeta, sure you seem critical, which is something I need. Would you like to do a graphics test now?

If so, email me at


Alrighty people here is the deal:

I have a few more ships to add in and possibly some more outfit picts. When I finish those (and their appropriate data) I will release them as a 'test' plug. Anyone who wants to test it and give me thoughts and criticism, can email me ONCE I have posted that I was ready...

After doing that, I will finish up on the expanded Universe. I decided to erase all systems and planets I did using EV-Edit, and instead just use the x-y positions for the systems I mapped using EV-Edit, doing the rest by ResEdit.

After that (which will be a month or so) I will start writing the missions for 'Join UE' or 'Join the Aliens'. I have not decided which plug will be first. Hopefully, Pipeline's mission editor will be completed, I certainly hope its nicer than Schmelta.

I am interested though, if I can find enough people willing to spend anywhere from 5 minutes to as long as they like testing or just looking at the graphics. So, if anyone might want to in the future, just post what you would like to test:

  1. Graphics, seeing how the ships and weap/outfits look -even act-
  2. Pre-mission, everything completed except for probably a few graphics or weapons. And of course, no missions.
  3. Final beta, take a BIIIIIG guess 😉
    ....or any combination of those....


Mikee j,

When you do get the 'test' plug out, where are we supposed to download it? And is your "I'm ready." statement going to be posted here? Just curious.

Has anybody, either than myself, noticed the grammar is wrong on the ambrosia cd 4 subtitle?


Sleep?! Oh yah... I did that last week!

Well, I was going to post it somewhere on the Dev board, have people email me and then Email it to them.

However, I think sometime today or tomorrow I will start a new topic, and asking for comments on my various plots and ideas in GWII. So, in the future I will post it in that topic, or possibly on a new topic, where you can reply to it and make comments, rather than just emailing them to me...

That might be better, epecially if the replies could be discussed by different people.

At any rate, you WILL know 😉