Raidar background colour

I actualy have 2 problems...

1st. when you've baught an 'IFF Decoder', traditionaly in EV, the background turns black. I'm trying to find away to stop the background chainging at all in order that the user can see the orriginal graphic on the info pannel down the right hand side of the screen.

2nd. When your sheild are depleited and you're down to the armour, and the word 'armour' appears instead of 'shields', how do I chainge the background colour around the 'armour' to black rather than the standard green?

If you can help me with either of these problems, please conntact me.



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The answer to both of these is no. There really isn't a way to change those colors. Sorry.

Mike Lee (Firebird)


1.) No, not possible. Skyhawk et al. tried this on Xenocide and we failed to get it to work. The way we dealt with it was by pitching the IFF Decoder outfit as an entirely new scanner, as opposed to an upgrade. In that way, the lack of two-way feature parity wouldn't be so egregious.

2.) If you're willing to incur Andrew's wrath, you could try data fork editing. see my post on this (url="http://"")topic(/url). You'll have to scroll through litterally pages of ascii gibbley gook and be absolutely certain you don't screw things up. Ultimatly, it may be smarter to just build your plugin around the pretense that the ship has the regular two types of shielding (shields or whatever you rename them and armor). Alternativly, you could simply not create any ships with armor on them. This would preclude the possibility of boarding and plundering, but would have the desired effect of making certain that the shield bar turns into the armor bar.

If you had a TON of free ship slots, you could make alternative buyable versions (with no armor) and regular versions (with adequate armor) so that you'd still be able to pillage other ships. The problem this time is that if you capture a regular, non buyable ship the armor indicator will show up. You could remove the "capture ship" option from the DITL...