Plug-in Problems

Hey. Thsi is a board where I'm going to post my (neverending) questions about creating plugs. Come on, stop and help. You can put something like "Taught Computer Skills to Youngsters" or something like that on your colledge applications and Resumes.

Here's what's eating me right now:

I've designed my first mission! There's just one problem. When you land on Mira ,and go to the bar to get the mission in the first place, you get a screen like this:


No Yes


Right now, that screen is blank, except for the "No" and "Yes" buttons. When you click "Yes", It proceeds to show you the mission breifing, add the littlke green arrows,etc. How do I put text in the initial window (the one with Yes and No)?

Thanks and be patient,


The only solution I can think of is that you gave a dësc the wrong resource ID.

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The desc resource is wrong, you should try to read carefully the misn part of the EVO bible, also, did you use resedit?


Your missing text will go in a desc resource that is somewhere between 4000-4511. To find out which resource is the one you should use use the following formula:

(mďsn resource id)-128 +4000=(start text resource id)

Just as a note, every mission uses this desc, so unless you watn a lot of embarassing blank dialog boxes, you have to fill it. I guess that MB, when he was originally making the game, thought that the start text, which is the text you see when the mission is offered to you, would always have to be there. After all, you have to accept a mission before all the other descs are useful.


Thanks a lot!

To each his own,