-- Information on The Great Expansion --

You may be wondering what the Great Expansion is well, its an upcoming total conversion plugIn for Escape Velocity Override.

In message string I will tell about updates, and answer any question, comments any people have about The Great Expansion.

The Great Expansion Website was last updated on Jan.08.00
•The main part of this update was getting rid of the java as it was not working correctly, as it made some peoples browers crash.

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Phillip Warner


The Great Expansion website has been updated, and keep checking back for more updates in the next couple of weeks.

Also there is now an irc channel for The Great Expansion, visit the website to find out more.

Phil -

The Great Expansion website has been updated!

This time I have added a new graphic to the various graphics page.

And keep checkin in the next couple of weeks or two for ships and stations.

Phil -

What do you want to see first

A. Ships (about 1-2 from each set)
B. Stations (about 1-2 from each set)

-- Please respond below --

  • Also I won't have then up for about another week or so becuase they are almost done but not yet *

-- So please vote --


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