EVO-CE Production Canceled

I received a reply from Andrew Welch stating that I shouldn't use names, text, graphics, or other media from EVO. Although it is slightly depressing, I will have to cancel the production of the EVO-CE, under Ambrosia's wishes. Although this is sad, I still will be created an engine, but it will be it's own game. It will be a space game, and like EVO, but I will have more info about that when I get Deviant SW's website up.

DO NOT email Andrew Welch getting all mad at him about this. He made a wise decision for his company, although it may seem like he's just being difficult, that is not the case. For all he knows I will make the engine and go around saying I made EVO and start getting all the credit, as well as other things. He must protect his company. And I fully understand that. And you must too.

-Jason Clements

Deviant SW

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That's a pity. But is this new game going to still be similar but use it's own univers, or what?


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Actually it will be completely independent from EV/O. It will still be based in space, but many things will be different.


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