Where I can get Infini-D? n/t

Well not much text

You can't. Specular (the former makers of Infini-D) merged with Metatools (forming the Low-end 3D monopolist company called "metacreations") who subsequently left the program to rot, giving it a single major upgrade before they rolled its features in Ray Dream Studio (creating Cararra) which they proceeded to slaughter outright when they shifted their "corporate focus".

Bastards, eh?


If you really want Infini-D and don't care about lack of future support, you may want to watch for a fire-sale. Usually when a product is discontinued, the manufacturer and retailers will try to clear out old inventory at any price they can.

That being said, Infi-D is horrid. you'd be better off with Cinema4D (http://www.maxon.de/) or Strata (http://www.strata.com/)

Hey. Don't bash Infini-D. I've created some pretty dang good stuff for a 15-year-old using a "horrid" program.

Those are my 2 latest, best works, made mostly with Infini-D with help from Bryce 4 and Photoshop 4 Demo. Horrid? I think not.

EOR (end of rant)

Wow Those are damn nice...

You should make a plugin with the graphics you can make....

Bah, the infini-d and raydream UI sucks. C4D is cool 😃

Look at AJ's works - I'm not so good as I dont have the manual 😉 so I learn by pressing buttons and hoping 🙂



Hey Phillip, don't be so quick to judge...though those quality graphics take a while to make I am making a plugin with graphics with same/nearly the same quality, though I'm intending it to be for Epsilon.

I should probably say, it's the only plugin (I've got several in the works) I've made graphics for after I've improved to that level. I've already redone the graphics for my other main one once, who know I may again. 🙂