Hey Lob, It's sunday here!

I'm in Australia and it's sunday here, getting late too. So where's the game. I so desperatly want to play it. Sounds like quite a spot of fun. If it becomes prolific(?) maybe you could make it so you could add plugs to it and buy new ships! Then you'd have an EV:OO.

heh, heh, heh.

Ace Smeg-head Rimmer.

Onward to Sol is currently is no state to be seen, at least when I talked to Lobster a few days ago on AIM. He told me (paraphrasing):

"See the screenshot on the web page? Just take a look at that picture, and pretend its the program. Click everywhere and watch how nothing happens."

Have patience. (Oh, and I agree that plug-ins for the EVO CE would certainly constitute ass-kicking goodness™)


its sunday here in NZ too, its 6pm. So what? It is about 1am where he is.



It's now Sunday, 3:43 here in Britain. It's 10:43 for him . . . . . .


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It is sunday here 9:52 AM (actually the next sunday to when this original topic was posted).

Anyway, as an answer to your question, the EVO-CE will not be released yet. First of all, I need to email Andrew Welch again about permission to make the engine, because I don't want to break copyright laws. Second of all, the engine is turning into a big project, and if I get permission to make it from Ambrosia, then it will be released within a few months. As far as supporting plugins goes, well, we'll have to see about it.

This is exam week, so I might not have a lot of time to do things with it. Maybe so. We will see.

Anyway, your enthusiasm makes me very inspired, so keep it up!


EVO-CE: http;//www.quantumsurge.com/evoce/