"EVO: Onward to Sol" Adventure Game

Greetings! Yes, this is Lobster, and it's nice to be posting again. Anywho, I wanted to annonce that I am going to start creating a new game called "EVO: Onward to Sol". This will be a seperate game from EVO (not a plugin) and will not be spectacular, but will lead through a mildly exciting adventure as you, the captain of a Renegade Krait, will strive to make your way to Sol to deliver important Renegade cargo to secret agents on Luna. I have already started working on the game, and the first version should be relesed this weekend. It will NOT be like EVO, or the EVO interface, rather you will be seated in the captains chair of your Krait and you will move your way through the systems encoutering ships, friendly and hostile, and you will have to make choices that will either lead you to your death or victory.

The game will not be expandable, unfortunately (as in "You can't make plugins for it") but in the future will support plugins specificly for it's engine.

Anyway, I'll talk more about it at another time.


Wow, Lobster, sounds very cool 🙂 Can't wait for it to be released!


P.S. Will the the program be a 3-D shooter or some kind of frame by frame game? Just curious 🙂

It will be more like a frame by frame game. Like I said, it won't be spectacular, but fun nonetheless. And it will probably be expanded quite often with new versions to download, and new missions.

Thanks for the reply!


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Yup, and so can I =P

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Oh look, so can I 😛


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Typical 😉

Ummmm...not be curmudgeonly, Lobster, but you do realize that Ambrosia owns the copyright on the phrases "Escape Velocity" and 'Escape Velocity Override', right? You might want to talk with Andrew Welch about this before coding-in too many Ambrosia copyrights!

Yes, thank you, but I am very well aware of that. The EVO-CE itself makes no mention to being affiliated with Escape Velocity Override (except it is based on it), and will make mention in the Read Me files that Escape Velocity Override is copyrighted by Ambrosia. The Read Me file will also include all the copyright notices necessary. But, if Andrew Welch, Matt Burch, or anyone else from Ambrosia feels otherwise, the development of the engine will be shut down, and will be reformated to be based on it's own story.

Think of it this way: its a plugin that uses its own interface and uses a standalone application. Although it is based on EVO, I am not saying that it is to replace EVO or be better in EVO in any way. If plugin producers can make mention to EVO in their plugs, then why can't I make mention to it in a program that's based on it?

But as I said, if Ambrosia feels otherwise, email me at lobster@quantumsurge.com.


where can I find this game? Web address?