Any one here use Mechanisto?

If you do, can you help me. I put in a cylinder, moved it back to -2.00 in an attempt to make a fin on a missile. So I put in a "taper". It did this strange thing where the top part of the cylinder leant forward to (0)z. Why?

I'd love to put the graphic in to show what I mean but... you know how things are...

Ace-smeg head-Rimmer

The result of the object depends on where you place the taper. If you taper the object while the window is on Translate...then it would cause some strange results in which when you move the object...there will always be one point toward the center. To fix this...Taper the object while in selecting a transformation such as "none" or "Scale". These two have worked best for me.
i hope this helps.