There have been many rumors now as to people working on multiplayer EVs or whatever. Well the small group that I'm working with has decided to issue a small release to clear a few things up. I'm pretty sure we're the only group thats actually working on a game like this, but I could be wrong, but this is just to let you know that we're out here. I would appreciate if you didn't post any replies to this, they're not needed, but everyone has free will. Here's the release:

Due to recent events, it has been made clear to us the necessity of giving
the EV community some limited information about our project. The disruptive
actions of certain individuals have caused confusion for everyone, and we
would like to clarify certain things.

We are currently working on a multiplayer EV, which has been given the
working name EVNet. We are not accepting any more offers of assistance at
this time, although we will most likely be doing so at a later date. We
would greatly appreciate it if all interested would hold their offers of
assistance until such time as we confirm that such offers are welcome.

This is all the information that we are willing to release at this time.
That said, no further requests for information will be responded to.