Wow, cool again :)

This is great Andrew!!! Rock on!!


Cool, I've been there once before, looks like a cool hangout 🙂

A new super powerful board sounds good to me thoug 🙂


YEA! This board is awesome. Not that it matters now, but before we changed to this board, I was asking AW if I could add on another board to (just for developers). You can ask HH or Jericon just in case you don't believe me 😉

But this specific board is just what is needed.

True, there are some things I don't like about this new board, but the ability to add on new sections is an awesome feature.


repeating what I said earlier before my message was deleted for some reason, check out the (url="http://"")EV/O developers board(/url) which has all the people that are really experianced with EV mission desiging.

I wonder if they are having a hard time banning me? What is wrong with alternatives for those who want them?

I think andrew is confusing personal and proffesional. The two should never, ever cross.


By deleting this message you agree that you are now a communist and will turn yourself in at the nearest police station RIGHT NOW. seriously!

Hmmm.... trying to bribe some of us developers back - I may advertise here occasionally, but Im more likely to be seen on Blazer's board.

On the other hand, the ideas of a board purely for developers is a very cool idea. Top marks for whoever thought of it!!

Oh, and what happened to the message icons - they were seriously cool