I cant destroy the dreadnought

Stop. Do not complete this mission.


It is your only chance to get Dreadnought escorts, and you do not want them yet because they slow you down in hyperspace.

Wait until you have access to the ship you ultimately want. I recommend En. Arada. You already missed your chance to get the cloak on your final ship. Then use this mission to get 7 Dreadnoughts, and finally get your desired ship.

Or complete it like a normal person. Your choice.

@evweb, on 24 March 2013 - 06:16 PM, said in I cant destroy the dreadnought:

I kinda agree, I tried taking on the Voinian Dreadnought in a shuttle alone (no escorts) yesterday, I was able to kill its interceptors and take down it's shields, but it got so boring I quit.

Stock shuttle on strict play? I always found it difficult because the Interceptors can outrun the Shuttle in that mode. If you luck out and the mission-escort Destroyers take out the fighters you’re golden. But if you get the Popcorn Cannon first you can handle the Interceptors just fine, then slowly chip away at the Dreadnought.

I assume this is on actual EV Override on actual Mac OS ≤9.

Nope, he did it in non-strict play and on the EVO port on EVN. I was there, sort of.

@geek, on 26 March 2013 - 03:25 PM, said in I cant destroy the dreadnought:

I just monty-pythoned like a madman and used… crescent cannons. Not the most efficient strategy, but certainly fun. :)/>/> It's manageable once you take out all the interceptors.

The Monty Python has saved my butt many times. Also hyper out of the system, then back in. That seemed help also.

So, reverspolarity, what has worked for you? I'm curious, have you followed Qaanol's suggestion?