What to do, what to do?

New at EVO

Hey, I never really got into EVO when I was young (being a EVC fan) and later just went straight to Nova, but now I am going back and playing it (already went quickly through EVC and relived the old memories).

My question is: How can I get the maximum game out of one playthrough? I may later do a second run, but I want to give this game at least one good go.

I started off working for the UE, eventually rescuing a defector from Pax (and getting the fighter), I then bought a scoutship and zoomed around, exploring a bit of Voinian, Miranu, Elmaghian and Strand space before buying a Helian and doing some more UE work (delivering meds to alpha station and some of the paaren station renovation (though the latter dried up)).

Where should I go from now? Boost my combat ranking to do some more UE missions? Try some of the other stories?

Anything really fun to do?

Also, the crescent warship looks like an interesting next step (and seems to be the most kestrel-lyke ship, which I always have a weak spot for a fast and maneuverable light warship with a fighter bay, the EVN equivalent for me is the starbridge/valkyrie, IDA frigate or Scarab) and I heard with the those green crescent moon ships it quite deadly.

Can anyone recommend this ship? Or should I look for something else to fuel my desire for a kestrel/corvette/starbridge-lyke ship?

I'd go for the Lazira. The Crescent Warship isn't as fast as it looks nor seems. Fighters literally fly circles around it. The Lazira, while having less powerful shields and lighter armour, is much faster and more combat capable on its own. However, if you can, try to capture a Zidara. They're about as fast as a Lazira but have much better weapons including fighters!

For plug-ins, get the Cold Fusion for Nova (or CFN) plug-in and the EVO Ship Variants plug-in, both are really good. CFN is a graphics upgrade for the EVO port, and the EVO Ship Variants plug-in needs CFN to work, anyway, since it uses its graphics.

Do those work on windows? I can never manage to convert any plug in that is not a -.bin or .rez

(On that note, are there any similar ones for the EVC port and where do I find both?)


That is the best info I have ATM for EVO ships.

I don't mind not being the fastest ship, just as long as I have fighters/heavy enough shields+armor (Like the Kestrel VS Corvette dilemma). I also am not the best pilot, hence why I like to favor heavier but still quick ships over the wimpy ships or slow cruisers.

I also have saved up 2 million and a bit at the moment

First things first, if you’re playing EVO for Nova, use Guy’s port. Next, if this really is your first play through the game, I don’t want to spoil things for you. There are a lot of different things to do. Many separate storylines across the galaxy, a fair number of which are mutually exclusive. This means there are lot of possibilities for each pilot.

I’d say don’t worry about getting the “maximum” out of it right now, just play to have fun and see what you find. If you get stuck and can’t figure out what to do next, we’ll be glad to help. If you want to share your adventures, we’re happy to listen. After you’ve completed all the major objectives, then we’d be open discussing some of the storylines that are tricky to find, and some of the special things you can do that may not have been intended by the scenario designers.

Also, before you ask, you'll know when you finish the main objectives. Trust us... 😉

I know there are 4 governments, Miranu, Voinian, UE and Strands.

UE and Voinian are exclusive and the Strands have three paths which you have to choose one.

I know it would be "best" to just let it flow, but I do find it easy to get lost and I got a burned a bit on EVN were if you don't play your cards right you get drafted into the "wrong" storyline.

And as I plan to do just one playthrough for the time being, so I would rather experience a good chunk of it and not miss out on some stuff that could be really fun. I know it is not perfect

Also, I am stuck, but I think that may be due to poor combat rating and a just better than average legal rating, for that I need a good ship...

Are there any major differences between the strands? I am leaning towards the ones with the green boomerang fighters (adzara?) so I can use them.

I am pretty sure I have guy's port, how can I make sure?

Also, I am now really torn between the Lazira and crescent warship, I think I will abstain from capturing as for some reason I keep sucking in combat...

But it seems the kestrel VS corvette debate, power VS speed. I don't mind grinding a bit to trick out either one, but I do want to buy one ship and stick with it for the rest of the game (and then boost it up with all the upgrades I can find)


Darth Kev, a S7evn sort of thing? You won't miss it

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The strands have major ideological differences. Their storylines are completely different. From a practical standpoint to the player, they have different ships and outfits. I like the Azdara as a ship, although I will say I haven’t used the Nova port much, so I don’t know first-hand how ships compare in the new game engine. The other strands also have nice benefits available.

There are more than four spacefaring species in Override, and many more separate factions and governments you can work for. Depending on which side you join in many regions there are substantial differences in what happens.

As for what is “best”, there really isn’t an answer. It depends on your playing style. If you like fast ships, then by all means join the Azdgari and fly an Azdara. If you like finding things to do that many people don’t notice, I could tell you many but you’d probably have more fun finding them yourself.

One thing to consider when choosing a ship is “Does it have the 20 tons or so of space I’ll need for many storylines?” And another is, “Does it weigh 99 tons or less so I can complete missions that have tight deadlines?” Although, in Override you’ll find that if you are unable to complete a mission you’ve been offered, you can abort or fail it then go back when you’re ready and it will be offered again. So switching ships is sometimes beneficial.

On the subject of tight deadlines, the number of days that pass when you jump is governed by the heaviest ship in your fleet including escorts (under the original Override there was a different way escorts affected jump times, but that doesn’t matter here.) Also, buying ships and/or outfits makes more time pass on a planet.

Any way to change the 100 tons of the CW? Is that dependent on up upgrades and cargo carried?

I think I will try the Adgazari one for the ships and then later I can try the other ones.

The problem I fear is that I will be one of the many people and miss out on something interesting.

With the deadlines in mind, then which ship of the heavier strand classes would be best?

Hmm... whichever is lightest, I suppose... let's see...

<begins digging through EVO resources>

Ah, here it is! The lightest warship in terms of mass is the Zidagar's Zidara at 75 tons. The Azdgari Warship is 100 and the Igazra is 150. Keep in mind, though, you can't buy the Azdgari Warship. They won't sell it to you.

You also may want to try this when you need to switch ships: EVO Ship Hangar

It lets you 'store' your ship at a station for later use and go back to get it later. Furthermore, you can store up to three ships at the station! Also, the above is for Guy's port. If you have the official port, then you'll need this hangar. In order to find out which one you have, where did you get the port? Does the ReadMe say it's from Guy? In the Nova Files folder, are there Quicktime movies that came with the port to mimic the original intro of EVO?

** Edit:** Oh, and there is a way to change a ship's mass, though not through the game. A ship's mass is set by its resource and can only be changed there. For that, you'll need to know how to make plug-ins.

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EV Classic for Nova 1.0.1

This is an unofficial port of the original Escape Velocity to the Nova engine. It is intended as an update to the official port to fix all of its known errors and provide a number of additional improvements. Please note that EV Classic is Nova's predecessor and this scenario is not a brand new creation. It has been designed to look and feel as much like the original game as possible. For help with the scenario you should visit the Escape Velocity webboard on Ambrosia Software's website. For comments and questions on the port itself you can email me at andrews05@gmail.com.


EV Override for Nova 1.0.3

This is an unofficial port of EV Override to the Nova engine. It is intended as an update to the official port to fix all of its known errors and provide a number of additional improvements. Please note that EV Override is Nova's predecessor and this scenario is not a brand new creation. It has been designed to look and feel as much like the original game as possible. For help with the scenario you should visit the EV Override webboard on Ambrosia Software's website. For comments and questions on the port itself you can email me at andrews05@gmail.com.

That is what the ReadMe says.

Also, each has a .swf intro

I had feared this day would come, I would finally have to make a plug in....

I never really wanted to learn how for the reason that it would be very simple to learn how to cheat and make it easy on me. I know I would fall, so I never install them to begin with.

That's Guy's port, alright.

As for plug-in making, changing the mass of a ship is cheating anyway. I'd leave it be, it keeps the balance.

Well, reducing the tonnage by 1? True, it could be better or worse, but I could live with that.

Update, I added the ship hangar and got cold fusion (the planets don't work though, everything else does) running. I also saved up 15 million credits and upped my combat rating, the lazira seems a bit light and the Crescent warship is big and clumsy. I also found out that the ship tuning takes space.....

Yeah, that one's a bummer. Although, what do you mean by the planets not working? Their graphics are still the same?

I just don't why the tuning weighs so much? I mean it is just some tweaking around withe the engine, not some huge extras.

The graphics are the same, still small little planets, though everything else worked perfectly and I can live with it, it is just odd.

RCS Upgrade, “This subtle but effective upgrade enhances the performance of your ship's turn jets.”

It doesn’t say how it works. Perhaps additional turn jets are installed. Perhaps massive turbochargers are installed to generate back-pressure. Perhaps a large superconductor is wrapped around each turn jet.

The fact is it doesn’t really matter why outfits have the sizes they do, what matters is that the game is well-balanced and fun. The very point of having outfits take space is so the player must choose which to use and which to forgo, making tradeoffs to suit individual preferences.

True, but I just find it odd that in EV and EVN they are both weightless.

Especially as in the port the speed seems "off" to me. A bit too slow in normal and a bit too fast in caps lock.

Wow, you sure are picky. 😉

Qaanol's right, though. The game is balanced, upsetting that balance ruins the game. I found that out the hard way (don't ask how). Thus the reason I only use one or two plug-ins at a time whenever I play any of the games. Sometimes I'll use more if they're really small and only change/add one or two things, but still, only minor changes. Oh, and no cheats. I don't use those anymore after realizing it ruins the game even more than using non-cheats.

Picky? But everyone knows the middle option is the best....

About the upgrades, I just find it a bit odd, like "Oh, in this game they weigh something, odd."

What am I not supposed to ask about? 😉

I once put MANY plug ins in a run of Nova, that was an odd sort of game...

Yeah, I know that cheats ruin the game, I learned that as well. What are Non-cheats though?

Related file, my Lazira I got and how I equipped it. I did have an Arada as well, but I made a mistake in parking it in the hangar.

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In my opinion the Azdgari make the two best Aradas, with the Zachit close behind.

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