What is the closest thing to an invincible ship?

playing the EVO port to Nova, but not Guy's version

Which ship configuration is closest to an "invincible" ship?
A. E Arada with dospect, shield generator (and enhancers? etc.)
B. Azdara with dospect, shield generator, experimental shield generator
C. Voinian Heavy Fighter with dospect, 4 shield enhancers, shield generator, and experimental shield generator
D. None of the above. The EVO Nova port handles shield recharge rates in a way that makes it impossible to configure an invincible ship (w/out plug-ins).

I ask because I tried out C and was disappointed to discover I still get chewed apart by Zid fighters. This made me wonder if it's worth trying the enhanced Arada or a souped up Azdara instead.

If anyone knows the port and tried to outfit one of the above ships, please share your thoughts.

Captain Hector. 😛

I've seen her die.

Qaanol in a heavily modified shuttle.

True that!

well i used to kick ass with a toatly souped up cres. warship, exept for vonian ships because of their intence armour

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