New Calcutta mission

What did I do wrong?

Hello all,

This is my very first post, so be gentle. 😊

I looked around at all the previous topics, but I need some specific help.
I'm playing the EVO port in Nova (you know what I mean), and I can't seem to do the New Calcutta mission on Himgro.
Before I bore you with details that may or may not be accurate, should I do a pilot file dump (whatever that means) If so, can someone tell me how to do this?
My combat rating is deadly, and I'm a decent individual in Miranu space and a good egg in UE space.

If you consider this a fluff post, please forgive me. bats eyelashes

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Welcome to the boards, swilk. Huzzah! Another female to keep all the manly men on their toes! :hector_bird:


and I can't seem to do the New Calcutta mission on Himgro.

Are you trying to pickup the mission, and cannot? Or are you failing the mission?

And here's a linky for making a Pilot Log:

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Thank you very much!

I'm trying to pick up the mission... Should I show the log? That seems boring to read.

Personally, I never use Pilot Logs and can't read them. But if you post yours then someone else can help figure out why you're stuck.

Some missions have a low availability. Say, if the mission is only available 15% of the time, then you need to keep checking back. Also, have you completed the Miranu Recruitment mission?

Good luck. 🙂

You need to be a member of the Miranu Trading Conglomerate to get the New Calcutta string. So if you've been to Blaga and shuttled one load of cargo from one random point in the Crescent to another, you should be able to get the new Calcutta string.

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