Voinian string help

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While we are on the subject, I have been doing the Voinian string and after getting to the part where they say something about "the end of your race", and "that it is too important for a human," I ahve not been able to get anymore missions. I have done a dozen defend and raid missions. What to do, what to so...

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You bumped a topic from 2001 for some reason, so I split your question off to avoid confusion. 🙂

Unfortunately, you've come across the end of the Voinian storyline in the base EVO game, there are no more missions on that string. I recommend you look at getting the Reign of the Voinians plugin from the addons section - this allows you to progress much further.

Or look into getting CDH- Exodus made by pistgavin.

Thanks, I havn't been around so I missed that. Thats all I needed.

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