Using EVO ship designs?


I'm a big fan of every EV game - I started playing when Escape Velocity first came out, so I've been around for a while...

Anyway, I'm making a mod for CNC3 and wanted to use a few of the EV starships as background objects in some of the maps as a tribute. For example in a map set in a spaceport, there might be a landed Freight-Courier being unloaded. We wouldn't be using any actual artwork from the games as everything would have to be 3d - just a few of the ships would look very similar.

Would the creaters have any objection to this, or would there be any copyright problems with this?

Try sending a PM to Pac; he's the one who created the EVO scenario.

You would probably be ok doing this. Given that you're creating things that look like objects from the game EVO, and you will never sell your mod for money.

Just about every combat based game that has any modability has a star wars mod made for it. So I don't know why it wouldn't be ok here.

But, please keep in mind I do not speak for Ambrosia Software when I say this.


Since it sounds like it's a not-for-profit mod, and you aren't even going to use actual graphics from the game anyway, I can't imagine there being any problem with this. Certainly I don't have any.

Always nice when people ask though. 🙂

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