EVO 1.0 pilot trouble Help!

I have done most the mission strings in EVO on version 1.0 including UE, zachit, all the miranu, igadzra, free huron and emalgha/hinwar on my pilot file so I want to try the Reign of the UE plug but it doesn't work with 1.0 and it says on 1.02 that you can't use pilot files from 1.0 or 1.01. is there a way to convert my pilot to 1.02?

You can probably use the same pilot file without too many ill effects; probably the only thing that changed between the versions is a few mission bits. But definitely make a backup first; I could be wrong.

No I tried it it was a bit screwed up. Doesn't anyone know of a pilot file converter or something?

No. None were ever made.

Does this mean im totally screwed?

It sounds like you might have to start over in 1.02, sorry. It's probably a good thing to do anyway if you plan on playing more plugins.

It's usually wise to start a new pilot with each plug in you try. Things just work better that way.


I know this isn't that related but what are the big differences between 1.00 and 1.02?

1.0.2 should have included a change list somewhere - just read that. There's some fairly significant new engine features though.

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