Installing Plugins

Greetings. SO I'm playing EVO through EV Nova on Windows. I'd like to install some plugins,, like the EVOFacelift one. I'm not sure quite what I'm supposed to do to install it. I saved the file into the Pulgins folder, but clearly thats nto all I have to do since everything looks the same. I feel kinda stupid asking this but... I'm stuck.

The read me does contain some brief installation instructions (I think). Did you convert the .bin files with the Plugin Conveter?

The only file there is is EVOFacelift.sit.hqx

No read me file or any such. I downloaded it directly from here. So there is no .bin file, which leaves me in a world of confusion.

Ah, that's the EVO backport of the real Facelift. See the link in my sig.
And no, you can't just download EVO addons and chuck them in your Nova plug-ins folder. They must go through a complicated conversion process to make them Nova-compatible which can currently only be done on a mac.

That file is compressed; you need to expand it before it'll be usable.

Some helpful hints:

Plug ins for EV Nova on windows should have a .rez extension. You can use the program Convert Plug-ins.exe in the EV Nova folder to convert them from .bin files to .rez. You should use Stuffit Expander to open files with .sit or .hqx file extensions, inside you'll find the .bin files. There is a guide to this in the Documentaion folder in the EV Nova folder.

However, plug-ins that were created for EVO will not work in EV Nova, even with the EVO conversion for EV Nova. You will need to stick to plug ins that were designed for the EVO Conversion of Nova.

Hope this helps.


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