anybody ever killed hector?

it's possible...

take the forklift, set the damage and blast radius to maximim, set the prox. radius to 80. when you see hector, fire at another ship in the system. hector will go up like a firework.

I did it once by telling an escort to hold position, covering it with space bombs, and then releasing it as Hector flew over; since the escort ceased to be invulnerable to my weapons from the moment I released it, the space bombs were set off, and the blast destroyed Hector as well.

Of course, she keeps coming back anyway, so there isn’t much point, but it’s an interesting challenge. This works in both Escape Velocity and EV Override , but I believe in most versions of EV Nova she has been made as immune to the blast effect as she already was to direct hits.

She can however, die in Nova as well. <cryptic grin>

When you pay for it? 😛

Submunitions that fire at the nearest target?

Deadly stellars with gravity to suck her in?

You'll have to test that, but remember the bible's warning: "AI ships and gravity do not mix". This doesn't applly to escorts, as when in formation they basically turn into graphics that hang off your ship in a V formation.

I think I killed Hector in EVC the same way David Arthur did I haven't tried in EVN because I've never played unregistered.

@mackilroy, on Dec 19 2006, 09:47 PM, said in anybody ever killed hector?:

I haven't tried in EVN because I've never played unregistered.

<cryptic grin>

I have never been able to destroy Hector (had several goes at it just for the heck of it). That goes for every single release of EV. I can outrun Hector making him/(her?) a non-factor. I have also been able to outfit my ship with weapons that will keep Hector out of range also making him a non-factor.

I've had registerd copies of both EV & EVO for a long time, so my memory's a bit foggy about unregistered play... it seems to me that I killed her in EV, using forklifts because she was honking me off big time.

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