Fighter Bay Capacity

I have seen Renegade Warships with, like, 15 Crescent fighters, but I can only fit three in my Crescent Warship fighter bay. And I can't buy any more fighter bays. Why is that?

Sometimes, special ships are allocated more ammo than their launchers permit. I'll look up the specs on the crescent warship types once I get on my other override-enabled comp.

Hmm, sorry, looks like the one and only crescent warship only sports 3 fighters and 1 bay. Perhaps you were under attack by more than one? 😕

Or maybe a përs?

- edit - You can't buy more fighter bays because they have a maximum of one. If you could buy more it would not let you buy more fighters, because Override doesn't have the MaxAmmo field that Nova does. I'm not sure if EVO for Nova includes MaxAmmo for bays.

You can, however, get more than one type of bay on a ship. For instance, a UE Cruiser has a UE Fighter Bay built in. If you have the space you can get a Krait Bay, Crescent Fighter Bay, or Azdara Bay. I'm not positive its possible to get enough free space on the Cruiser for the Azdaras, but I think so. Interestingly, a Crescent Fighter is capable of getting enough free space to hold a Crescent fight bay.

Regardless, fighters are tricky to use in combat. It can be done, but you have to be careful. If you want a fun challenge, go for it, and good luck. If you want the easy way out, get escorts that have fighters. Or just escorts that are strong in their own right. Not that there's anything wrong with using carried fighters. If you can master the skills required, I commend you.

Have fun playing.

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Crescent fighters are worthless anyway. A few seconds of a phase gun and they're vaped, no dodging about it for either of you.

I've always sold my fighters and bays ASAP, and upgraded to as much shields and turrets as possible. Controlling your fighters takes a skill. And they get expensive to constantly replace. I agree with Qaanol and The Apple Cřre, get some strong escorts.

I like to have bays to say I have a bay full of ships (not to mention, it absolutely dazzles the youngins). I rarely use them. If it's just a small ship or a disabled ship I'm done with, I'll send them out.

Show them the Azdara bay.

I really don't see how controlling fighters could possibly be percieved as difficult. It's really easy.

I always used them for taking on defence fleets, as they never turn from their objective of killing you, even to deal with some fighters that are destroying them.

The sad thing is they don't even deal with your fighters that are ripping them apart.


The sad thing is they don't even deal with your fighters that are ripping them apart.

Isn't that what I said?

They don't deal with your Dreadnought escorts either. Even when your own Dreadnought is cloaked.

I'm always keeping my Fighters but selling the Bays to raise the worth of my Ship.