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Okay. I am going to kill myself if I don't figure this one out. In the intro screen to EV Override, There are 11 ships. I can make out 1 UE Destroyer, 6 UE fighters and 2 Voinian Frigates. But please, somebody tell me, what in god's name is that big bluish ship that those 3 UE fighters are pelting away at? It looks as if it has two smaller blue ships flying below it. Perhaps fighter-escorts.

Either a Turncoat or a Voinian Cruiser I think. Since it appears to be colored similarly to the Voinian Frigates, I'm leaning toward it being a cruiser. The fighters certainly don't look like Kraits, anyway.

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That would be a Turncoat, the renegade cruiser. The 2 smaller blue ships underneath it are Kraits.

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EDIT: Those ships at the bottom left cannot be Voanian Frigates... look at the scale to UE fighters.

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They definitely are Voinian Frigates. They are small because they are disant. Here are some pics for your comparison.

Voinian Frigate:
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Voinian Heavy Fighter:
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Voinian Cruiser:
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hmm.... I have gone through about every Override ship in my mind, and this one just doesn't bare resemblance to any of them. Look how the wings/fins are concaving down. The two ships that instantly come to mind are a Crescent Warship and a Turncoat, buy looking long enough you realize it can't be either one. Maybe a Zidara? It looks like that could be some kind of beam at the tip of it's nose. But the UE and governments of the Crescent aren't necisarily enemys, and it would be extremely odd for there to be a battle between renegades and Voinians at the same time. The streamlined shape and cockpit-like bridge in the middle make you think its not Voinian, but the two triangular ships below indicate they could be Voinian fighters/interceptors. Maybe it's some type of Voinian Supply Ship...

I know this a stupid and trivial subject, I'm just really, really curious. :huh:

Good question. This always niggled the back of my brain, also. It doesn't look like a Turncoat to me. I always figured it was an Arada, but now that I actually look at it, the size is too big.

Wow, no one know for sure? I thought this question would have come up before this but whatever... I guess it must just be some weird variation of a Cruiser.

Somebody PM Matt Burch and get ready to wait.

Burch probably wouldn't have any idea. He was primarily brought back for EVO to make a few alterations to the code.

You'd want to ask Cartwright, and he's in some obscure cottage somewhere, last time I heard.

Personally, though, I'd say it is quite obvious the blue ship is a Turncoat. It isn't nearly the right shape to be a Frigate or Cruiser-both of them are much more rectangular than this craft. Besides, since when do the Voinians use blue?

It's possible that the small "fighters" could be Helians.

The distinctly wooden-ish ships, though, are definitely Voinian craft.


I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing the Turncoat in this ship. Where should I start? For one, Turncoats have 4 engines. This one, however, looks as if it has three, the middle mounted on a tail-fin. Turncoates have two canopy-things towards the nose of the ship. this only has a single "cockpit" in towards the back. Plus these wings look (I'm using the word look because I can't tell for sure) like they're curving downward, but at any rate they don't share the bat-like design of a Turncoat. I'm not saying I'm absolutely sure that the ship isn't a Turncoat, but I'm not seeing the similarities.

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It may be a ship that got cut out of the game before Override was released, and the title screen never got fixed for some reason.

Well, I've done a little research, and I think that the correct person to contact would be a man called Mark W. Lewis. It says here and there around this site that he designed the splash screen for EVO. But, seeing as I don't know how to contact any of these people, I think this is going to remain a minor mistery for a long time. <_<

Mark W. Lewis, Googled.

Criminal law? And splash graphics? Is there nothing Mr. Lewis can't do?

EDIT: In all seriousness, I found his Ambrosia bio page, an excerpt of which is here:

_Ambrosia Times: That Chiral title screen is pretty intricate. Can you tell us a little more about that one?

Mark Lewis: The first thing I do is have Andrew send me a crude version of the game itself. It does not necessarily have to be working, I just need to get a flavor for the game and see what artwork is to go where. Andrew usually includes simple "place holders" where he wants the artwork to go..._

I think our mystery is somewhat solved. You'd have to find a copy of the alpha build Andrew sent to Mark to find out exactly what those ships were.

EDIT2: Looks like Mark W. Lewis and Steve Kody did graphics for Override.

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Hamster2, on Sep 14 2005, 04:54 AM, said:

I think our mystery is somewhat solved. You'd have to find a copy of the alpha build Andrew sent to Mark to find out exactly what those ships were.

**Better yet, I'll just tell you straight up. A few years ago this issue popped up and everybody set off guessing what exactly it was, when Peter Cartwright himself showed up onto the boards to state what seemed to me to be fairly obvious; the big blue ship was an early model for the Voinian Cruiser; the design is essentially the same, as you can see by the triple units on top and wings. The only major changes seem to be the color and front section. The smaller ships beneath are distant Voinian vessels, either fighters or Frigates. The ships in the left foreground are Voinian Frigates.



Three cheers for Bomb. You da bomb!

And yay, I was right.

Thanks Bomb. 🆒

This would have been better if SkyGrz13 had asked it like REDchigh did. 🙂

(That was back in 2001. I just like browsing through old posts.)

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I seriously doubt anyone is going to be able to search for this thing in the future. You don't search for images from a line of text easily.

Flish, I'm glad SkyGzr13 didn't search for it... questions aren't often asked in EVO anymore.


This would have been better if SkyGrz13 had asked it like REDchigh did.

Wow, I gave up on this post pretty much, but this morning I was so bored I decided to see what progress hadn't been made. I guess now I can see what Bomb is saying about the cruiser, and I always kind of subconciously acknowledged those similiarities, just the only thing that kept me from being so sure was the cockpit (for lack of a better word) on the ship (seemed very odd on a voinian craft). Well, thankyou for sorting this out, Bomb, and thankyou everyone for evidently being just as friggin' bored as I was to take a minor interest in my stupid subject here. 🙂