On Firing Escorts

Does anyone out there (anywhere) know if it is possible to "fire" an escort, or at least just get rid of them? I'm having trouble with short-timed missions, and I can't seem to figure anything out. Anyways, thanks to anyone who can tell me something...

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Assuming you are playing EVO...

If you are on a Mac, hit Option T to select your escorts. Then hit Apple (command) Y to communicate with them. The dialog box opens and there is a button that says Release From Service.

If you are on a PC, I have no idea.


As I recall, if you are using the EVO port for Nova, you can click on the escort you want to fire and then hail it and fire it. If it is the port, then I believe this would work regardless of platform.

Lit Nerd

Under Basilisk, you need a working "option" key to fire escorts. Under my Linux version, the "Windoze" key doesn't seem to work so well, for lack of Basilisk seeing the key. However, it does see the "menu" key, so bind that in your Basilisk configuration file.

Option-(tab is default, if you set the target key to something else, use that) to cycle through every target in the system until you get to your escort, and then hail them. The command key shouldn't be necessary unless you bound "hail" to it.