Other Governments' Backstories


Is it possible to find the backstories of other governments, besides the Voinians? I've only found the stories of the Voinians and the UE.

I think that's part of the fun of Override.

I think we get to invent them (but search the boards and check the addons page first just in case somebody else did)


I've only found the stories of the Voinians and the UE.

Only? I've found nothing! :laugh:

You can find the UE origin when you start the game.

Use your imagination. 😄

The strands are all one species. They evolved on one planet (can't remember it's name, but it's right next to Council Station), developed space-flight technology, spread into surrounding space as they discovered new worlds to inhabit, and, at some point, went to war with each other. There may have been an alien species from beyond the crescent involved, but I'm not certain.

Anyway, the homeworld of the strands was made utterly uninhabitable by the fighting. Countless millions died horrible deaths in unimaginable ways. Those who were not on that planet at the time, whether living in space ships or on colony worlds, chose sides in the war, and became bitterly divided.

I don't know who, precisely inhabits Council Station, whether people are born there or whether they are elected to the Council from the strands, nor do I know when Crescent Station was built.

I don't know the history of the Miranu or the Emalgha (beyond what the game tells explicitly). The human renegades are described in game. The South Tip renegades are strandless pirates, as are the North Tip renegades. The Zachit are described in game, as are the independent planets in different places.

A long time ago I put together a timeline for the EVO from what few dates I could gather in descriptions and strings.

c 148 - The Strand Wars begin ("an age ago", desc 379)

c1848 - Earth contains approximately 10 times as many species as it will in 2148 (str# 8101, 10)

c1948 - The Zidagar poison the Azdgari Homeworld. (desc 337)

1961 - Yuri Gagarin orbits earth, manned spaceflight begins (historical fact)

c1998 - Stellarcorp founded ("a century and a half ago", desc 151)

before 2028 - Emalgha falls to the Voinians (The emalgha were occupied for "almost a century", and the rebellion took place around the time of the battle of Sol)

c2043 - UE Freighter is invented (“over a century ago", desc 2001)

c2053 - New Riga supplements Earth’s dwindling natural resources ("almost a century ago", desc 134)

c2061 - Humans make contact with the Voinians ("a century" after achieving spaceflight)

c2098 - Tmidran is colonised by the miranu ("some decades ago", desc 256). Humans contact voinians after this point

c2098 - F6129 is colonised by the UE. ("half a century ago", desc 137)

c2128 - The last major voinian/human confrontation ("a generation ago", intro text)

c2128 - Freeport is constructed (“a long time ago”, desc 187)

c2143 - Azdgari forces capture Outpost Rai from renegades ("some" years ago, desc 306)

c2145 - Work on Miranu Gunship begins (a "few" years ago, desc 4117)
- Renegades begin using needle missiles (a "few" years ago, desc 4047)

2148 - EVO begins (1998 + 150 = 2148)

c2158 - All ships are equipped with NPD devices (str# 8102, 😎

c2200 - Bank of Earth plans to have universal currency (str# 8101, 😎

c15193794250 - Universe ends, according to Ali Saidi (and Durandal) (str# 7100, 22)

Start Date: A.D. 2148 (1998+150)
A couple = 2
A few = 3
some = 5
a handful = 5
several = 7
almost = 5% less than
a little more than = 5% more than
an age = 2000 years