Ship Models - format?

so, this may come across as a newbish question, so I do apologize, but the last time I used the EVO models, I easily opened them up in Infini-D on my mac. That was years ago. Since then, I've been stuck with a cheap computer (obviously a PC), and I was hoping I could open those same model files back up on my current computer. I've got Lightwave 8, Maya 6.5, and Amorphium installed. As far as I've tried, none of them will import the Infini-D scene files. Is there any way to view them as is, or would I have to dig out the Mac, open them up in Infini-D, and then export them from there? Or is there another 3D program for the PC that might be able to read 'em?

Just curious.

(Edit: purhaps I'd have more luck in the EV Developers board, if there still exists such a place ...)

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Infini-D have long stop existed as it went caput, but Carrera rose out of its ashes or something, so look into that, they have a demo, because they can read Infini-D files, or you can ressurect that Mac of yours.