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How many versions are there of EVO??? I only have 1.0 and whats the difference??


bug fixes. 1.0.2 added a lot of engine improvement, like better AI and smoke for rockets/missiles.

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**How many versions are there of EVO??? I only have 1.0 and whats the difference??

Here are the change lists.

EV Override™ 1.0.2 Notes

Change history:

Version 1.0.2 -- Initial released 6/5/2000

-- Removed spaceport bar from Verrill prime after destuction

-- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the warp out sound to play multiple times

-- Changed default secondary trigger to the control key

-- Fixed some spelling errors in various mission text

-- Added a field to force up to 4 pers ships to always appear in a system

-- Weapon ammo type -999 will now cause the firing ship to be destroyed

-- Added ship type pilot skill variance

-- Finally fixed the bug that would cause all ships to appear the same

-- Zidagar ships given natural fuel regeneration (not player)

-- ships with solar panels (including player) given natural fuel regeneration

-- shield-related outfits drain fuel

-- UE Cruisers will appear via dudes after appropriate missions done

-- certain weapons (dispy rockets, defence pods) will detonate when count is up

-- brief 'Fine' mission added in relation to space mines

-- a few other changes implemented for b4/5

-- Made beams display a little nicer

-- Added a little randomness to keep computer ships from stacking up

-- Afterburners implemented for numerous ships.

-- shields reduced slightly for all fighters and other highly manoeuvrable ships

-- missing STR# added for Miranu Station (found this one myself : )

-- smoke trails implemented for a few weapons

-- x-offsets implemented for a few ships (UE and Voinian fighters)

-- marine outfit is given out to player during the UE D'Erlon missions

-- blind spots implemented for a few ships (human freighters and cargo transporters)

-- Missions can take away the player's money if desired

-- Added an activate-on-bit-cleared option to oops resources

-- Purchasing outfit items can alter mission bits

-- Outfit items can have secondary effects

-- Fleets can be controlled by mission bits

-- Allowed default inherent AI type in dude resource

-- Added flags to make AI ships more selective about missile selection

-- Beam weapons now stop when they hit something

-- Extended most resource templates by a few bytes for future expansion

-- Added a StartBitSet field to mission resource

-- Made the planet picture in the communication dialog a little nicer

-- Added a flag to optionally show target's armor on status display

-- Added mission bit support to 'dude' resources

-- Added a flag to support flak-type weapons

-- Added projectile weapon strength decay option

-- Adjusted freefall bomb speed

-- Added support for anti-fuel-scoop type outfits that drain fuel

-- Added oufit resource picture conflict workaround

-- Ships can have default outfit items at purchase time

-- Ships can have inherent fuel regeneration ability

-- Fixed a bug that was causing turrets to be somewhat inaccurate

-- Fixed the crooked beams problem

-- Fixed the start-disabled flag in the govt resources so it works again

-- Added the capability for AI ships to use afterburners

-- Added a "Marines" outfit type for plugin developers to use

-- AI ships can perform slightly more complex combat maneuvers

-- Added a fix for the users who couldn't hyperspace

-- Added reverse target-cycling (hold down shift + target key)

-- AI ships are no longer confused by rear attacks

-- Fixed a bug that would prevent some fleet types from appearing

-- Improved beam visibility slightly

-- Added ability to specify turret blind spots

-- Added the AvailShipType field and some related flags to the mission resource

-- Fixed the flickering communications message bug

-- Cycling targets once again allows a "no target" selection

-- Added an x-offset capability for unguided projectiles and beam weapons

-- Moved the armor indicator label into a pict resource

-- Made combat AI difficulty proportional to combat rating

-- Weapons can have smoke trails

-- Added a RefuseBitSet field to the mission resources

-- Unlicensed copies of the game no longer crash on startup


Version 1.0.1 -- released 10/5/98

-- Added an option to use QuickDraw for graphics, offering greater compatability

-- Added code to ensure that hyperspace jumps won't accidentally stop

-- Added a flag for plugin designers to show SpecialShipSyst on map

-- Added a workaround to fix unexplored-visbit-system problem

-- Hyper route is fixed when a visbit interferes with the system layout

-- No more selling back mass expansions and having too many outfit items

-- Plunder dialog no longer offers captured ammo the player can't use

-- Random missions to hidden systems will no longer be made available

-- Captain Hector no longer appears the same day the game is registered

-- Fixed problem with incorrect missile behavior with extremely low game speed settings.

-- Changed to latest version of Sprite Animation Toolkit.

-- Fixed crash-on-quit bug that occurred when switching back from 8-bit color

-- Fixed some drawing artifacts in the message area

-- Various (mostly mission) bug fixes including: New Tokyo has bar desc after VisBit change, cargo delivery confusion fixed for numerous missions, Azdgari warship targets in 'Hunt ' missions given proper names, and fixed bars with no available escorts

-- Eased up on mission abortion penalties

-- Added a few new interesting bits & pieces

-- Messed about with weapon stats a bit (speeds and damages up and down)

-- All weapon speeds accelerated by ~125%

-- Checked a few outfits could/could not be sold

-- Most turrets take up gun slots to prevent multiple gun/turret combos

-- Adjusted ship turret/gun slots to match this

-- Included some extra descriptive text to explain some outfit items' behaviour

-- Various other minor alterations

-- Enabled 'green arrow for misn ships' for appropriate missions

-- Moved SC recruitment mission from New Tokyo to Molos - makes less sense but is bugproof


Version 1.0.0 -- Initial release 4/29/98


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**Here are the change lists.

EV Override™ 1.0.2 Notes**

i was wondering does it cost anything to get the updated versions at all or not???


You might be thinking Mac OS X Jaguar Update, but in this case, it doesn't cost anything. It is FREE!