Problems with guns and turrets

I cannot buy the maximum amount of guns AND turrets at the same time . Is this a glith or a bug ?????Can somebody help me ?????

I recall reading somewhere about an issue with EVO in that turrets count as a gun slot and a turret slot. I don't know whether it is considered a bug, but it rather annoying.

No, it's not either. It used to be that you could have the max of both your guns and turrets, but for some reason, Ambrosia changed it. Now a turret takes up both a gun and a turret spot. For example, say you have a ship with gun max of 4 and turret max of 2, you could have the following:
•1 gun, 0 turrets
•1 gun, 1 turret
•1 gun, 2 turrets
•2 guns, 0 turrets
•2 guns, 1 turret
•2 guns, 2 turrets
•3 guns, 0 turrets
•3 guns, 1 turret
•4 guns, 0 turrets

I don't see why Ambrosia made the change; I liked it better with guns and turrets each taking up just their own type of slot. Maybe they'll change it back in EV:O 1.0.2. Somehow, I doubt it.


Thanks for the info .

MAN that's a pain in the arse.


Originally posted by Oris Dorch:
MAN that's a pain in the arse.

So are you. Stop digging in the graves.

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