The Hideout: EV Multiplayer

Many people have been asking about/begging for a multiplayer EV/O/N game. At long last, an attempt has been made to produce one. It is called the Hideout and it is an online RPG style game modeled very closely off of EV, only with a smaller universe.

The website is (url="http://"")

Have fun and try to dodge the pirates!

Disclaimer: I drew a bit of criticizm on the EVN board from Chuckles for this post, so LET IT BE KNOWN that I used the search feature first, no one has mentioned this before, and that I am not trying to spam, only allow people to try out a similar game 🙂 Peace.

Ethernet (n): something used to catch the etherbunny

Related to EV/O in a minimal amount; this reply will push it back to the top for all interested parties to read, but further discussion of this should be done on Just Games. iMove.

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