Emalgha Freighter Upgrade, Baffling

Basically, I know how the outf of mass expansion works. The mass of the outfit is set to a negative so that it gives you mass tonage. The modtype is set to adding cargo space (ModType2) but set to negative so it takes away some cargo space. So basically it takes away 15 of your cargo space to give you 10 ton of space because it's a reconversion upgrade.

The Emalgha has a similar outfit. It's a large reconversion that takes away a hundred of your cargo space to give you 85 tones of space. Now you would think that the way it work was that the mass was set to negative 85 so it add 85 to your mass tonage to your ship. The modtype would be set to adding cargo space (ModType2) except the value would be set to -100 to take that much cargo space away from your ship. This would make sense, right? Well, guess what, it's different. How? let me show you the key statistics on this:

Mass: 10
Modtype: 8
ModVal: 75

In the bible, it said that Modtype 8 is to increase speed, but I think it's a typo error and that it meant to say adding mass tonage or something. From this information, I could see how it would add up to 85, 10 from the mass tonnage and 75 from the ModVal.
Now the question is, if the mass is set to 10, wouldn't it take away that much and end up giving you actually 65 tons? It make sense if it was set to -10, but it's not. And finally, here's my last question. Where in the He!! does it ever say anywhere in the outf resource field that it takes away 100 friggin' tons of cargo space?

So, if anyone can explain this mess, I'd appreaciate it. I think my comp is going to suffer from a Fart Hailure!

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Your version of EVO must be mucked, since my copy has the correct stuff in the oütf resource.

Sure you're not looking at something else? Say resource 183, the engine upgrade?


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