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Heya all. I'm thinking about creating a third site (for those who don't know jack squat about me, the other two would be (url="http://"")The Lair(/url) and (url="http://"") Keep in mind that this service would be offered only to the Ambrosia community, ie: anyone around here, from Ambrosia Banter to pop-pop can sign up, but people from other communities would be SOL. This is just for you guys. 😉

Anyway, the third site (anyone should be able to guess what it'll be called ;)) will provide free web hosting and email. The only draw back to this is that any sites hosted would have to have banners so that I can recoup the monetary losses of having 3 sites (three domains and three hosting fees can eat up a significant amount of money).

For those of you who aren't crazy about the banners, there is a way to "upgrade" your account to some of the higher levels so that you don't have to have the banners or the other promotional elements (a navigation table that links you into the rest of the site).

Also, for people who only want an email address to replace their one, I'm willing to set those up too.

Pointers for users:

  • free email that can be checked via web or POP3

  • part of a larger network of sites, all linking to the rest (and to (url="http://"") member sites), to increase traffic

  • FTP access

  • image hosting won't botch on the Image Galleries

  • a single board for the hosted site, hosted inside the coming-soon Lair Forums; another way to increase traffic

  • nice, clean, familiar banner ads (nothing stupid like clicking on a stupid monkey for $50 and DEFINETLY no pop up/under ads)

  • you get the warm fuzzy feeling you can only get from helping me take over the world. 😉

Anyway, I'm no idiot, so I realize that this may not be a great deal for everyone, and it certainly doesn't offer some of the perks that iTools did (web templates, that whole iDisk thing), or for that matter sourcecod. That's why I'm posting this, to get feedback from the people who I'd be offering this service to.

Feel free to voice any concerns, make suggestions, ridicule the idea (seriously; I'm trying to get a serious feel for if this is a worthwhile venture; if you think it's stupid, please tell me).

Suggestions needed: What prices are fair, and what disk alotment would be fair.

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What would the domain name be? I'd be interested in POP e-mail if it was a cool domain name, but honestly, there are a LOT of these kinds of services out there. I'm not sure just how worthwhile it would be for you.


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Looks like the other post you made did better. If anyone cared to check it out (url="http://"")here it is.(/url)

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Originally posted by EVula:
**Also, as an aside, look around for a new topic by me on this very board. Bending the rules a bit, yes, but it's still important.

From your (url="http://"")last post(/url) on the "iTools no longer free?" This is kind of bending the rules but I shall not complane. 🙂 I'm all for it.

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I Did it! I made it past 400!
The computer doesn't get slower, it's the newer computers that get faster. -Taylor

Cool, how long before you get it ready? Or does it depend on the feedback? Hopefully soon because my iDisk will soon expire and I'd be screwed. But if this new site goes up, I'll sign up just to host up my images (I can sign up if I want to just do nothing but at least put up images right?)

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