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Hey...I opened this topic on the Webstory Developer's Commune, and most thought it would be appropriate for here, since FH is EVO based. I asked Martin Turner, and he OK'd use of maps and FH / FF background. I've written the mods on this board about posting a new webstory, but haven't heard back yet.

So, the only thing left to do is to see if anyone's interested in playing in this world:

Chronicles of Imir (working title)

At the point where this story starts, The Democratic Alliance of Worlds is in an uneasy truce with Galaktek, a giant multisystem corporation. The Rigellian Empire is at peace, for the moment , with the Alliance. RESCUE is an organization which specializes in rescuing people from various disasters, and is the only player with tachyonic drive or weapons.
Pirates are always active, although the Pirate world of New Venus was conquered by the Alliance. Slavery still exists, and is a profitable business, as is drug running. There may be unknown alien races in the far northwest quadrant of the Galaxy. One recently discovered race is the Imiri, furry, mammalian creatures of the planet Imir. The Imiri race was only discovered recently when Galaktek hired scientists to scout out deposits of the mineral Zimonite, which is necessary for tachyonic drive. Galaktek hopes to develop tachyonic drive, to end the monopoly RESCUE has on this technology.

The Imiri are intelligent, but their intelligence poses a threat to mining of Zimonite on Imir. If they are intelligent, then they have rights. If they are animals, they have no rights to direct how or if Zimonite is mined on their world. Rena and Jonathan are mineral-scouting mercenaries who were stranded on Imir. Rena believes the Imiri are intelligent; Jonathan does not, or doesn't care.

Conflicts in this story will center around power and control - who has access to Zimonite, who is able to make money slaving and drugrunning, who has tachyonic capability.


Rena, mercenary pilot, stranded on Imir
Mercenary Co-pilot “ “ male, 20s, Jonathan
Jasta Hela, now reconciled to lost memories, and part of RESCUE!

Other RESCUE! Board members as applicable

Imiri people - Population of a newly discovered habitable planet, the Imiri ? a race of primitive, barely tool-using, fur-covered, tribally organized semi-sentient beings.

Democratic Alliance
University of Earth people
Rigellian Empire
Magellan Empire
Galaktek industrial interests, military officials

Slave traders

Other alien races
Other characters

So....who's interested?

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I would play, but school is coming up and I might not have time. Sorry.

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I'd be interested if you get enough players. Preferably as Galaktech chairman or something.


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I'm intending to play a character who founded a loose mercenary organisation of fighter pilots. I still have quite a bit to formalise, and I need to look up information on a certain Frozen Heart aviator.

I will warn you, although I don't directly intend to go power playing, with stratofighters and Icaxes, I'll be fairly dangerous (not to mention the talk we've had about my wanting Fyraxes, Kim!) I'll probably defend the Imiri, but everything comes at a price.

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Due to lack of interest, this topic is closed. I may try again when/if Martin Turner releases his next TC plug as a sequel to Frozen Heart & Femme Fatale. (sigh)

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Noooooo!!!! You lose your internet for a few days and look what comes and goes! C'mon people, it'll be fun!

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If there aren't enough players for a "webstory", make it a co-operative story. Two or three would suffice there.

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Originally posted by SilverDragon:
**If there aren't enough players for a "webstory", make it a co-operative story. Two or three would suffice there.

OK.....How do you think that would work?

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Originally posted by mamajama:
OK.....How do you think that would work?

Badly? <rueful grin> You'd need to make sure that all writers were in the same area, so that they would interact.

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I may be able to suggest something that could help. I remember that we used to have a "never-ending story board" in the (url="http://"")UEVO RPG(/url). Many of the stories had only about four or five authors. Instead of having a whole bunch of players that each controlled one character or race and went against one another, there were a cast of characters that all the authors controlled collectively. People would control the character or the characters they introduced slightly more than others, but for the most part all the characters were controlled by everyone. Usually, all the characters acted together against a single evil opponent. (Strike Force MF was Mercenary Force vs. an invading alien force, Red Dawn was Mercenary Force vs. the Red Aliens from EV classic). Notice, though, that it seems works best for this to center the action around a core cast of characters instead of the actions of many independent governments.

A setup like this where your authors all work together on the same "team" or on two allied "teams" against a single opponent would work well even if you only have 3 or 4 people writing. After reading through your description, the mercenary scouting team vs. those who want to exploit the Imiri, as well as the members of the mercenary scouting team against one another would seem like a setup that would work well for this type of story. I don't know if this is the kind of thing you'd want to do, but it works quite well even with few authors.

(EDIT) Oh, and I most likely won't be joining in the fun, as I never played all the way through Frozen Heart - it's been so long that I don't even remember the characters or the storyline - I don't even remember the governments. Still, if you continue with your story, then I wish you and all the authors the best of luck. 🙂 (/EDIT)

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I would play, but I never even scratched the surface of Frozen Heart/Femme Fatale. I have played both of them, but was never interested enough to stick with it. I feel your pain though, my own webstory on the EV board looks like it will tank pretty soon from lack of active players.

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