A old Newbie

I have already "beat" the "orginial" Garendall. Then I left the arena for awhile. Now I am back. Since my orginial files got screwed I have started totally over. I also have Trinity. My questions are:
What is with the classes? conjurer,ranger, ?
Where do you get them?
When I "X" the box in the plugin system does that mean I have activated it? Cause of what I hear that Trinity does I just don't see it.
Are the kobold/thieves/wasps/etc harder to kill and have stronger attacks?

i forget
more to come

When you "X" the plugin box that shows the Trinity Plugin, Trinity does indeed become
"active." When you create a new character you go through the beginning story spiel,
queen sends you on the quest, yadda yadda. At the end of the story it asks you
which profession you are; ie, Swordsman, Ranger, or Conjurer. Once you choose what
you are you begin as you did originally in Fantrima. Very little is different in the
overall purpose(actually, nothing in the main game objectives has changed.. just added
new skills and items).

One thing to check. After you check the "X" in the plugin box and you get the main
screen, look in the lower right hand corner. Do you see the trinity symbol(3 skulls
arranged in a pyramid scheme)? If not, Trinity isn't activated.

Shoot 'em with everything you've got. If anything still lives, shoot 'em again.