Possible bugs?

I'm trying to complete the Azdgari missions, but I seem to be stuck. I've been doing the Stror repeating missions (ambush Zidigar patrols, raid a Miranu transport, stop Zidigar photographer, transport cargo, etc.) over and over again, so much so that I've earned a "Pillar of Society" ranking in Stror. I've tried visiting all the other Azdgari systems and can't seem to get any more Azdgari missions other than the repeating Stror missions. Is this a bug, or am I not doing something that I should be doing (visiting some random system, etc.)? Please help!

Thanks in advance...

well you wont like hearing this but the trick to continuing is to let the Photographer escape. if you do catch the photographer than the string wont continue.

Insanity has its advantages

Admiral is quite correct. It's best in these situations to know what the mission can throw at you, so a quick look in EV-Edit or ResEdit to look at all the flags and mission bits usually proves useful. The EV engine supports a mission string continuing from failing a mission, so don't always assume that failing a mission means everything is over (although I believe this is the only case where failing a mission continues the string in EVO - Nova is a different matter entirely, though).

-Lyat Esponer Corsair