*** Finally: Advance 1.1 Finished! ***

Are you bored with all those übership plug-ins and cheats? :mad: Then Advance is the plug-in for you. 😄

Advance is intended to bring some new ships into the game to enrichen it. First and foremost, they're meant to be REALISTIC, to suit their governments well, and to keep the game balance and style intact.

Some of you might remember the earlier, incomplete version of the Advance plug-in... it has reached a provisionary state of completeness which may or may not be augmented in further versions.

The plug-in comprises but is not limited to:

- The Miranu Windrider, a quicker and more practical cousin of the Miranu Courier, with good defenses but very limited weaponry.
- The Zidagar Arada. Two phased beams and additional fuel tanks: The perfect complements for an Arada hull.
- The Zachira, a capital ship tailored to the needs and preferences of the Zachit: Built from a swift yet deadly Lazira hull, realistically upgraded and fitted with a Zachit Fighter Bay. Though significantly less shielded, it can face a Renegade Warship head-on.
- The Baby Blob. A small yet sturdy space amoeba that fires globs of cytoplasma at you.
- The Giant Blob. The classical huge horrible gelatinous blob that spawns baby blobs.
- The Mother of all Blobs. new! Even more gargantuan, the MoaB spawns giant blobs.

Here are a few pictures to give you a taste of Advance:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

More images can be found at (url="http://"http://catharsis.netpeople.ch/advance/")http://catharsis.netpeople.ch/advance/(/url) . I'm not disclosing the Mother of all Blobs though, you'll have to download the plug-in to see it. 😉

Advance 1.1 is now available in the Plug-Ins section. Here's a direct link:
(url="http://"http://www.ambrosiasw.com/cgi-bin/vftp/dl-redirect.pl/advance.sit.hqx?path=evo/plugins&file;=advance.sit.hqx")http://www.ambrosias...l/advance.sit.h qx?path=evo/plugins&file;=advance.sit.hqx://http://www.ambrosiasw.com/cgi-bin/v...advance.sit.hqx://http://www.ambrosiasw.com/cgi-bin/v...advance.sit.hqx(/url)

-- Cinga

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My, you guys are a responsive crowd. :frown:

Anyway, the first one to rate Advance 1.1 in the plug-ins section gave it a 1 out of 5. Even now, after more people have voted, the score remains low.

I'd like the people who gave it a low rating to tell me what they didn't like. There is always room for improvement. It will help Advance 1.2 become better and more enjoyable.

Unless, of course, those people were just disappointed because Advance doesn't make the game easier, but rather opens up new (balanced!) possibilities. In this case, they shouldn't have d/led the plug in the first place. The description states its intentions clearly enough. It goes without saying that I won't make any concessions in at the cost of realism in further version of Advance either.

Cinga, Slayer of Name Manglers
Check out my realistically balanced mini-plug Advance 1.1...
(url="http://"http://www.ambrosiasw.com/cgi-bin/vftp/dl-redirect.pl/advance.sit.hqx?path=evo/plugins&file;=advance.sit.hqx") Download it! (/url)

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ah, advance. I've waited 2 years for this..... will download now and fire up my old copy of EVO. Long live the blob 😄

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Originally posted by Cinga:



That looks really cool...I'll download it and try it out.

Great to see another oldie return! 🆒

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Question: How do you see blobs? Where are they?

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Flatty, Blackdog: Long time no ping... glad to see some of the old guard are still standing. 😉

Grunadulater: Just read the read-me file... camp the uninhabited planet between Raigar (?) and Nadej, and you can't miss 'em.

Cinga, Slayer of Name Manglers
Check out my realistically balanced mini-plug Advance 1.1...
(url="http://"http://www.ambrosiasw.com/cgi-bin/vftp/dl-redirect.pl/advance.sit.hqx?path=evo/plugins&file;=advance.sit.hqx") Download it! (/url)

Great work, Cinga. Don't worry about the add-ons rankings; they seldom produce meaningful data. My scenario editor MissionComputer is posted there, and for some reason, the Mac OS X version is rated 100, but the Classic version is only rated 60. Apart from the OS requirement, they're exactly the same program.

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I've made the next beta version of Advance available on my own webspace. I'm not going to place it in the add-ons section since it's likely to be replaced soon by an even newer version.

This beta adds the Emalgha Fighter Carrier, tweaks the Blob family a bit, and squishes the unfortunate Zidara bug. When I edited the Zidara in the ShipWrite editor, it created empty resources for dëscs and spďns that overrode the original Zidara dëscs and spďns. As a result, the Zidara was displayed at half its true size, and had blank description texts in the game. I deleted those rogue resources now.

The link is in my sig.

Cinga, Slayer of Name Manglers
Check out my realistically balanced mini-plug (url="http://"http://www.ambrosiasw.com/cgi-bin/vftp/dl-redirect.pl/advance.sit.hqx?path=evo/plugins&file;=advance.sit.hqx") Advance 1.1 (/url)...
Or test the most recent beta-version (url="http://"http://catharsis.netpeople.ch/advance/advance1.2.sit.hqx") Advance 1.2 (/url)!

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Hmmmmm.... Nice work Cinga!! 🙂 I'll download it immediately.

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Originally posted by Cinga:
**Are you bored with all those übership plug-ins and cheats?

Hell yes! Well done Cinga. I look forward to chekcing this out.

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I tried the earlier version, it was very nice.
Haven´t played evo for months, maybe this is a good opportunity...