no new missions for some time now

I've completed two central objectives...exploring the nebulae and destabilizing the war between the Adzgari and the Igadzra (or whatever). Since then, I've flown throughout Adzgari and Miranu space and have not found anything in the bars. Is that it for these mission threads? I've located the world in the nebula near Kitrak, but I'm not able to do anything with it. And I blew up the base after finding the crystals but then nothing else comes up.

Any advice?


Ok, you need to find other planets in the nebula, there's a really important one you need to get to.

There are also UE missions that start at Earth

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You have to push back the Voinian frontier. To do that, you have to make contact with two other anti-Voinian forces.

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If you have the F-25 patch applied to your game, you should travel into the Ji Nebula to the planet F-25 where it will start a mission chain to explore the "New Galaxy". I'm currently working on this mission, and it's proven to be most impressive... to an extent.