ANN: MissionComputer 1.1.0 Now Available

I've just posted the new version 1.1.0 of MissionComputer, my recently released resource editor for (url="http://"")EV Override(/url). MissionComputer does not replace traditional plug-in editing tools such as ResEdit, but complements them to provide an easier way of editing missions, descriptions, governments, commodities, and the game's year offset. It also provides an easier way to look up the resource IDs needed when setting up plug-ins.

MissionComputer is available both in a Classic version for Mac OS 9 and earlier, and in a Carbon version designed for Apple's next-generation Mac OS X. The current version of MissionComputer includes full support for the EV Override 1.0.2 file format, and support for (url="http://"")Escape Velocity(/url) 1.0.5 is planned for future versions. Whether or not MissionComputer will be updated to support the upcoming EV Nova is undecided at this time.

MissionComputer for EV Override version 1.1.0 is now available as freeware from my web site at (url="http://"") This new version adds a government editor and fixes several bugs from version 1.0.0.

David Arthur
(url="http://"") MissionComputer and the Talon plug-in for the original Escape Velocity

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