F-25 Mission Problems

The mission where you have to find the intruder vessel that came from the portal. Where is it? It said it was last seen in Nortil or whatever and I went there and it wasnt there. Then I went to the council station but not there and I cant think of any place elses that has any significance. Where is it?


It's in Igazdra Space.

The system is called Nuji or something

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The system they say is Notil but it is not there.


I eventually found the ship flying around in Zidagar space;

I have another problem: I'm stuck in the mission where you have to find a Kytaan fleet that is supposedly attacking F-25. But there's no fleet, neither at F-25 nor in southern Bomarii or Miranu space! Where is it? Can somebody help?

I have the same problem. Please help

I can't help you