PoG on OS X

PoG crashes on my computer whenever multiple sounds are played at the same time. The soundtrack starts squelching and it crashes shortly after. I have a newly registered version but the Demo also did this. How can I fix this bug? I'm running it on OS X.1.1 server. thanks

I experience the same problem. I had not pegged it to multiple sounds, but the symptoms are identical. I played PoG at my parents' (on a cube running 9.2.2) for a week without problems.I brought my saved games back home to a dual-450 with 512 megs of RAM running 10.1.2, and crash-city.

Anything any of y'all want me to try out, let me know.


I also have a DP 450 with 768 MB Ram. I wonder if it is a dual processor issue?

I have the same problem, also on a dual-processor machine (G4 800DP). My workaround until there's a fix is to run the app in Classic (there's a checkbox for that in the Get Info window for the application). I get comparable performance out of it that way so it's not much of a hardship.

That works great except it unregistered my copy. When I go through the registration steps it acts like it is already registered (because it is) but then the game is limited. What was the work around for that? Thanks for help

Do the same thing for the Register application: Tell it to open in Classic via Get Info. If you run it in Classic it'll register PoG for Classic, and then you'll be good to go.