needle jammer mission

In the mission string that leads up to the development of the needle jammer, there's one where I have to locate the renegade fleet and return to Knox. Now I've searched Helios, Huron, Omm. Hatuli, Iothe, Troub, Huan, Pariah, Yelts, Riomor and the surrounding uninhabited systems, but can find no sign of this fleet. Is there any certain missions I have to accomplish before the fleet will show? Or am I looking in the wrong places? Any hints, help or complete detailed descriptions of what to do and why would be appreciated.

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I just played this mission I think they were in the Hatuli system. And they are marked as "Raider" above the picture of their ship.


Go back to Hatuli and wait. The renegades will hyper in.

Thanks for the help Kermit and Blackdog! 🙂 Turns out there were a few raiders there (I wouldn't go so far as to call it a fleet). I returned to Knox, and nothing happened, mission incomplete! Argh. Anyways, aborting the mission and giving it another go solved the problem.

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