1: I might have overlooked it, but i can't find any volume sliders. What i crave for is seperate volume controls for the music and an other one for the sounds. Some of the music annoys me after a while. But playing without any sound makes gameplay very dry.

2: Wish there was a way to choose the background music/ambient sounds I like. All I can think of, is opening the soundfiles and replacing the most annoying themes with copies of the ones i do like, and giving them the names they had before.

Suggestions anyone?


funny how things work, I was just gonna start a thread to ask what everybody listens to while PoGin'

CMD-M is the music off/on toggle. I turn off the music then run iTunes in the background. I thought of changing the files but iTunes has more varity.

personnaly I prefer upbeat/hard rock like Clutch and Karma to Burn. Besides with these great RPG Clutch lyrics how can you lose?

"Back in 1980, we played the AD&D.;
That game was harder than the Elfstones of Shanara.
My character was baffling, a druid, wizard, halfling.
On top of that he was master of psionic powers.

Bring on the hordes, we have the sword
that smote the Goblin of Gygaxnor.
Pray that the sisters name us as victors
of the twenty sided die." from 24 Earth years old

The iMac with the shiny Chrome finish.