Can't rescue General from cave!

Please help, I've been killed so many times going into that cave to rescue the General, I can kill the spiders but keep getting killed by those blue guys, are they Mindhunters? I have Armor=31, Damage=6-16, Level=15, Life=146, and I always take a Stone Potion when I'm down there, but I notice my mind protection is 0. How do I get mind protection?? (assuming that's what I need to get the General.)
Thanks a lot.


The General cave has no spiders, the Generals cave its 1N 3E of the learning tree. you may be in the mole spider cave if your facing mind hunters, and thats wwwayyy off course.

There are 3 squares for the Generals cave and do down the passage in the second one , kill the death knight and the General appears. I did it at Lvl 11

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How do you get in tho?

You get into the cave by getting the quest from Septembris. After you rescue the kid
he will give you the quest to save the general, and he says he will send 2 knights to
go and open the cave so you can enter it. I don't believe you can enter the cave
without getting the quest first, although I've never tried, so I'm not positive.

Once you have the quest follow Sept's directions: Follow the river around on the north
bank. Go to the learning tree, go 1 square east(where the tunnel entrance to the
learning tree is) and then follow the river bank eastward/northward. You will enter the
Ghost swamp(and find lots of ghouls) and look around for the cave. Go in, go down, and
kick undead booty.

Shoot 'em with everything you've got. If anything still lives, shoot 'em again.

Look for a vampire-looking guy with greenish skin carrying a bright red (or something) sword. Kill him and the General appears, and you get an evil crown-type thingie.

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where are the knights that open the cave. I can't find them

they should be standing right in front of the cave

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Got him! Thanks everybody. I was really off base with that other cave.
Happy Solstice to all.



Originally posted by Hildy:
**Got him! Thanks everybody. I was really off base with that other cave.
Happy Solstice to all.


For the mindhunters in the other cave, think Heldan (mad old man) and Dark Fairies.