Elven Bow of Destruction

What exactly is thge damage range of the Elven Bow of Destruction? I've finally found the Ranger Village and I want to see if any of their bows are better. Why is the bows damage 'unknown' anyway?

Seems to me the Elven Bow of Destruction had a damage range of somewhere in the 12-20 range (I tested it once to find out). I may be off by a few points on one or both of those numbers. I'm not quite sure why the range is unknown. I guess that's unknown, too!



I used the bow of destruction for a while and loved it. But when I moved from page to squire (I don't know the order you increase) I didn't get a cool now image. And when I took off the bow of destruction I got a cool cape and a wand. Is this a bug, or does the Bow of Destruction keep you from recieving the benifits of being a squire/page/knight.

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