help with plugs and PCs

okay I have a mac that doesent have a modem and a windows computer that I'm on right now and I want some1 plugins because in the 3 days I have had evo I have beaten most of the missions and dominated nearly every planet without cheating, now I want something to keep my interest , so does anyone know of a way I can download plugs using this comp and put them on disk for my mac, I tried it a few different ways and they didnt work so I'm open to suggestions


Ah, I believe I can help...

First off, does your PC have a CD burner? To download my plugs, I use a PC equipped with a DSL, download them, burn them to a CD, and copy them from my CD to my Mac. You could do the same thing with a floppy disk, if the plugs are small enough. Also, have you tried networking your computers? There's a lot of programs that allow you to network Macs and PCs very easily.

When you download the files to the PC, just be sure not to change the file extension. The PC most likely won't be able to read the files, unless they are .hqx files, in which case they appear as WinZip files (I believe).