Looking for a plug-in (1M Credit Stick)

I am looking for this plugin that I used to have but now I am unable to find it both on my computer and on the internet. It was a real simple plugin. It made an outfit available called the credit stick. It cost 1M credits and you sold them for 1M credits. If you know where I can find this, please let me know. Thanks.

Its a very old plugin, but you should be able to find it in ASW's plug-in archives. You'll have to search way, way back, but it should be there.

However, if you register and support the concept of shareware and the great Ambrosia Software, you won't even need the plug-in. 😉


Like UE Crusader said, it will be in the (url="http://"http://www.ambrosiasw.com/games/evo/addons.html")EVO Addon Files(/url), somewhere in the cheat-plugin section.

However, cheating take the fun out of the game, which is beatable with some time. People on this webboard will be happy to help you earn money. Instead of cheating, try to play the game. The sense of accomplishment when you knock out that enemy warship will be so much larger if YOU did it, not some plugin that gave you money.

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I haven't heard of that plug in what seems like years. I have in my files somewhere, and who knows, might be of some use. Kinda acts as a clear record as well as money asset. Although with a little tweaking to my personal copy and adding a higher price to it, I might be able to turn it into a high-costing clear record that can't be sold back. Other then that, since my registration some months ago (after some two years of playing Override), I see it as a waste of money for my pilot.

My two cents. Oh and one last thing: Cheating and all Escape Velocity, not a good mix.


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just register, its only $25 and its worth more than that. A truly great game.

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If you really can't afford $25 (hey... there's a recession in the USA y'know :)) and you still can't find the credstick plugin, consider buying three crescent fighters, five UE fighters, three kraits, etc. For some reason, the fighters themselves don't take up mass, and you can buy them even if you don't have the bay. You can easily salt away a million credits in a form that Cat-pain Hector can't touch. Furthermore, buying a full set of shield upgrades can tie up two million for only twenty tonnes, and you get some benefit from having them! Likewise engine upgrades. If you choose only the most expensive outfits, it's possible to fly a lazira that's worth almost the whole price of a Crescent Warship at trade-in time.

Second option: Get a fuel scoop, do a mission such as freeing Huron, then dash off to a place that sells decent ships - without landing in between. That way the chances of your being 'Hectored' are substantially reduced.

Third option: Stop playing EV:O. Hector is much less of a problem in original EV.

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