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Been playing B5 for a couple of days, but seem to have hit a road block. Completed the "Galactic Industries" mission, the first Commander Sheridan mission, the mission where you get the first cool Alien ship (not the White Star!), but now, no matter what I do, I don't seem to be able to trigger any more missions. I've been everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, and still no go. The only thing I can think of is that the game itself has a timeout: It's now 2266 in game years, which is well past the final date of the events in the series (I did a bit of sightseeing, which is how I ran up the game clock so high).

Anyone have any idea? Or any suggestions on how I can get back on a mission thread?



Well i've watched every B5 episode and cleared the plug.
The ship is called a Shadow Crusier.

Well it can be the fact that some missions are only available at
specific places. And your not going to get them all the time.
If you need real help, get the B5 cheater. It tells you where to get the missions.
It should be in the readme.

Why is Star Wars so addictive?


Thanks for the tip. I downloaded the cheat (was trying to avoid the temptation), and used the cheat.html to get myself back on track. Finished the plug-in; pretty good, although the graphics are a bit cheesy.

So, another question: Should I assume from your handle that you've played the SW2 plug-in? If so, how do you get past the Troop Transport mission? It seems to be impossible to wipe out all five TTs in one pass (a couple always get away), and even if you reenter the system and get the rest, the mission doesn't end when you return to Coruscant. Beautiful graphics in the SW2 plug-in, BTW, but it's a bit buggy. Missions to ports that don't exist, that sort of thing.


Nullus Anxietas

No problem.
I'm not really sure about the SW2 plug. I played the old one not this one.

I like the graphics in the B5 plug. They really looked like the ships from the show.
I guess you have to watch the show to appreciate them.

Why is Star Wars so addictive?