Giant Killing

After having finished the game, I thought I'd try to kill the sea giants myself. I've killed about a dozen, but I haven't found a single Ring of the Gods. (My Luck is currently 45). Also I've read that "something" happens after you get past the final gate. I don't know what this means. I haven't figured out a way to get INTO Gidolan Keep, if there is a way. I just keep going around the perimeter killing the giants there, thinking something will happen....

Is there a different screen I should be in, in order to kill the big guys and have something other than +3000 happen?

Killing giants is not part of the game, its just a little something extra to do if you feel up to it, You can't enter the keep, Read your quests, it should say you must wake the HG giants if your that far along and able to kill sea giants.

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I have suffered my share of untimely demises at the hands of those darn giants. How do you kill them? Or rather how do you stay alive long enuff to kill them?

And how does one increase one's speed in the game? you can find elixirs for just everything else...


the elixir of speed or potion I cant remember which, but you can get them at the witches house, will make you walk faster but nothing will make you attack faster if that is what you mean. As for killing the giants my dex is 50 something and so is my str that seems to work, but so do the wolf claws and armor for that matter. Also i believe as your dex rises the enemies have less of a chance to hit you.

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There is no elixir or potion of speed.


while we're on the subjects of killing giants... i know that as your luck gets into higher numbers, some creatures drop more than one item, in addition to the gold. e.g. a potion and a weapon.
is it possible to get enough luck to get the giants to drop two items?

p.s. to mr gad: get enough luck and you can collect quite a few rings of the gods. they fetch a pretty penny over at fungus's place!


I got told be someone dexterity increases your attack speed.

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I have 80 luck and I haven't gotten a ring of the gods. Exactly how much luck do you need, and to ppl who have gotten the ring of gods several times: how much luck did YOU have?

On a lighter note, I killed a sea giant without taking damage!

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with 80 luck, you can get the coveted ring of the gods. just keep trying. slay enough of the beasts and one will drop one. but the more luck the more likely. take the rings you do get to fungus's, sell them then go buy more luck potions from the witch...


I have killed about ten giants with luck of 200+ and all I get are rings of bear, titan (no god) etc
and then potions and elixers
I haven't gotten a ring of gods once

One question. How do you stay alive long enough to kill the cyclops?

get a hp of about 320 an use a healing potion or two