Galaxy's Edge Lite (memory fix!)

I've just finished making Galaxy's Edge Lite - a plug-in for people with low bandwidth connections and for people who run out of memory when trying to load Galaxy's Edge.

Galaxy's Edge Lite is available at (url="http://"")

It weighs in at a lean 4.5 megabytes. It doesn't have the title screens or music from Galaxy's Edge, and many of the ship and planet graphics are scaled down somewhat, but gameplay is unchanged.

Download Galaxy's Edge for EVO at (url="http://"")

Dear Giule,

Your plugin is really quite good for its genre once you realize it's not like any other EVO scenario. The reality versus playability tradeoff is a little skewed in the beginning but once you get past the shuttle things take off pretty nicely.

Question: What are the the three main objectives of the scenario? I had to turn off the movie due to crashes. Are they
(1) Galaxy vs starlight?
(2) USA vs China vs Russia?
(3) Kaitra vs beltcorp?

All the capital ships rock but my current favorite (bang-for-the-buck) is the Red Battleship. Once you get rid of those stupid missiles and fighters and trick it out nicely. With 280 head set controls a fleet of aliens can hardly dent its shields. No match for a decked out Starlight battleship, of course, but $20 million vs $50 million...