F-25 Help! I Must Be Really Dumb.

Ok I have followed the directions that have been previously posted for the second mission in f25 where you are supposed to escort the convoy to f25. (no convoy visible either. strange?) I have followed this route: Mira - F25 - Mund. After which the cargo is taken and then nothing else happens. No Mission text and the mission is still listed in my active missions list. I have EVO v1.0.2 Please help.


Intoxicated Pilots Always Have More Fun

Hey, you know what Hollister? I think that that is called a bug. I play EV & EVO a LOT, and I run into similar problems pretty often. And, as much as I wish that I could help you I have absolutely no idea how. Probably the best and only way to fix this is to contact the developer of F25. Try looking for the e-mail address usually at the bottom of the description. Good Luck! 🙂

hmmm... intoxicated pilots...

Sometime when (or if) you're sober abort the mission, retake it and "carefully" read the instructions. Perhaps you're supposed to pick up the convoy somewhere (maybe Munb) BEFORE going to F25?

give it a try...