The Reality of EVO Webstories

In almost every webstory, the Voinians side with the Azdgari, sometimes the renegades come in, and generally crush everything else. This is well practiced by our friend Carnotaur, who has done it countless times. <smiles>

However, this isn't realistic. The Voinians are too tied up with the UE and Emalgha, and have absolutely no chance of making it through as far as the Miranu, never mind the Azdgari. On the other hand, the Azdgari are the most pincered of the Strands, and aren't likely to do much travel past Miranu outskirts from Raigar. Does anybody really think that the Azdgari could happily bring forces through Miranu land? The Igadzra and Zidagar would both be chewing them up the second they left, especially the Zidagar.

More importantly, Voinians are very much into fair combat (as long as their ships are better), but the Azdgari are raiders. They wouldn't get on, quite simply.

Next -- the Igadzra. People always underestimate them, and I don't entirely know why. They have thousands of Igazras, as you'll notice if you look at the information for Innor, all ready to attack. And yet the number of times I've seen Azdgari players think they can walk over the Igadzra with ease - it's not going to happen. Igadzra have the numbers, Azdgari work in the shadows.

Technology wise, just having one of the Strands appear with loads of technology, is also unrealistic. The Miranu have a huge advantage over everyone else, because they don't have any wars. Thus, if anyone is going to research some "Ultra Hyperdrive Warp Route Destabilizer" it'll be the Miranu. In a war, technology isn't something people can really manage.

Next on the lines, supercruisers. Metal, lots of it. That's all I'll say.

Does anybody else have any notes about webstories, and how they often function strangely? Just wondering...

That's all very nice, but where are the guns?
- SilverDragon

Raigar is completely shut in. I don't really know why it's there in EVO. It's surrounded by a major renegade base on one side, and Zachit on the other side, who are effectually allied with the Zidagar.

The Miranu are usually the ones to come up with the super-sub-space inhibitor type technology (or the Kayans, depending on which webstory you're looking at).

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Originally posted by SilverDragon:
**"In a war, technology isn't something people can really manage."

That's wrong. The early days of WWII saw biplanes in regular use, cavalry charges and horse-drawn artillery and supplies. By the closing stages of the war, the hard-pressed Nazis were producing fantastic machines. Jet fighters and bombers, guided missiles and ballistic missiles, airborne radar and radar 'predictors' on anti-aircraft guns... to name but a few items. War makes things change fast; peace doesn't.

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Raigar is completely shut in. I don't really know why it's there in EVO.

Because it serves as a training base for Azdgari recruits, and since its so isolated and far to go to get to, its a good challenge for recruits to try to get there. Amazing what a little description can tell you. 😉


It's surrounded by a major renegade base on one side, and Zachit on the other side, who are effectually allied with the Zidagar.

I assume that latter part has to do with a for the major Renegade base, you have to remember that as a rule Renegades tend to be disorganized (although some are less so than others). The fact that Renegade vessels really can't hold water against Azdgari ships may have something to do with the fact that Raigar is still there as well......

I sorta disagree that the Miranu are far ahead of the other strands. In EVO its true that they are extremely advanced, and they literally invented the defense pod and pursuit missile. However, the 3 strands manage to develop exclusive technology all on their own, technology which is all in all extremely impressive. The Igadzra's Igazra and Plasma Sipon, and the SAE Module. The Zidagar phased beam and ECM. The Azdgari shield generators and Azdaras.....on the contrary, it is not at all unreasonable to think that a Crescent race besides the Miranu could come up with a piece of extremely high-tech piece of hardware.

I think people underestimate the Igadzra because their warships usually tend to fly solo, and are hence vulnerable to being swarmed from many smaller ships. Take the Azzie Warship; I've seen an AI AW destroy an Igazra many times. The Zidara flat out can't, but it can take it down to 30% or 40% shield before it dies thanks to the phased beams and carried fighters. On the other hand, when Igazras fight in large groups they are very nasty to deal with. The fact remains that the Igazra is the strongest warship around in terms of sheer combat ability, and that shouldn't be forgotten.

SuperCruisers are way too huge to be really feasible in Override's universe, but I admit that they are important in the webstories, so......probably shouldn't mess with what works.

BTW SD, I don't think I'll be coming in for RoC II.....I should just be removed from the list or something. I don't think I have the time to come into the middle of the story like this given my current schedule.